Venue Depot 1899

Formerly a tram depot, now a key player in the gastro scene and event business, located in Sachsenhausen near S├╝dbahnhof.

Would you like an intimate setting?

If so, Depot 1899 is your restaurant and tavern cum bar and verandah. You may enjoy regional cuisine and beverages ranging from apple wine to Aperol. There are big windows providing plenty of light. Everyone is bound to find his or her favorite place with a view.

Or would you rather have a bigger setting?

In that case, Depot 1899 is your venue for meetings, celebrations, and any kind of event. The restaurant, verandah, large hall, and gallery on the upper floor can easily be arranged in a way to provide up to 650 seats. Thanks to our varied catering, you can also indulge in culinary delights.

Are you looking for a charming and inspiring ambience?

In this respect, you are also at the right place. Depot 1899 is a charming combination of industrial architecture and contemporary design. It is therefore not only pleasing the palate, but also pleasing the eye.

Should it be easy and convenient?

There are ideal transport connections and traffic links, as well as bus parking facilities in the immediate vicinity. It goes without saying that Depot 1899 is wheelchair accessible and that children are welcome. You may even bring your dog along.

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