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Cheers to the birthday boy or birthday girl! The recurring question is: how do I celebrate my birthday? Let alone that it is a milestone birthday this time around. What on earth shall I do?

The answer is quite simple: JUST CELEBRATE! Leave the organization to us – we will discuss the details with you and arrange everything accordingly.

Who is attending? How many guests do you expect? How should the rooms and seating be arranged? Will there be speeches? Do we need a beamer and a screen? Or a stage? How about music? Live music or a DJ?

What birthday meal do you have in mind? What kind of food? How is it to be served? Should it be a luncheon or a dinner, a buffet, menu or finger food, or rather a brunch in the late morning? What drink should be served for your birthday toast? And so on and so forth.

Lots of questions. We will give you the best answers – not to forget that we will never meet again at such a tender age. Cheers to you!

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